If you have registered with the state as a collector, or, have interest in becoming a collector for the Authority, as part of the E-cycle Washington program, please contact the Authority Executive Director via address options under Contact Us. Please refer to the documents and links below for information on how to register with the state as a collector. Registration with the state is required for participation as a collector.

You may call us to discuss becoming a collector prior to completing the participation form for registration with Ecology. Before registering as a collector you should consider the following operational questions:

  • Am I located in a convenient area where I can attract a steady flow of covered electronic products from the public and other entities?
  • Can I staff my site during normal business hours?
  • Can the public safely access my site? How many cars or customers can I queue at my site at one time?
  • Can I accept a small truck load of CEP’s – safely, and without impeding traffic??
  • Do I have plans for the handling of non-covered products?
  • Do I have truck access for the loading of collected devices for transport?
  • How many CEP’s can I store or stage until a pick up is arranged?
  • Can I have a trailer left at my site and load it as I receive products? (optional)
  • Does my facility have impervious floors for the storing/staging of products prior to shipping?
  • Can I reasonably protect the products from theft and breakage?
  • Am I or my staff able to stack and shrink wrap covered products for safe transit?
  • Am I willing to post signage and hand out brochures as well as verbally inform the public concerning data security and the ultimate disposition of the products?
  • Am I willing to cooperate with the Authority and Ecology to maintain operating standards?
  • Am I willing and able to secure a business license?
  • Do I have a dock from which to load product? or, a forklift to lift products into a truck?\
  • Can I get my products palletized? What is my plan to facilitate getting palletized goods into a truck?
  • Am I willing to fill out shipping paperwork?
  • The Authority will discuss options with those interested in becoming collectors.

Please review the information provided here and call the Authority at 1-855-674-5871 to discuss.

Collector links and tools:

Information for Collectors from the Department of Ecology
Summary of Procedures (PDF)
Collector Manual (PDF)
Collector Compensation Agreement (PDF)

Covered Entity Verification Log:

  • For use by COLLECTORS to verify legally qualified entities.
  • Print and have the entity sign at time of drop off

Brochure and Promotional Materials

Note: Posters are to be used by registered collectors only. Any unauthorized use is prohibited.

Posters and Banners (PDF)