The mission of the WMMFA is to provide responsible end of life recycling for the citizens of Washington State in compliance with state law and Department of Ecology direction, and in the most cost-effective manner for our members.  The WMMFA is committed to being the lowest cost plan provider for electronics recycling in Washington State, to provide fair and equitable expense allocation to our members, and to treat all stakeholders and service providers fairly and reasonably.

The WMMFA is the manufacturer board-directed authority created by state law to handle the recycling of certain electronics in the state of Washington. Our job is to follow state law and guidelines as set forth by the department of Ecology to create a standard plan that manufacturers will participate in and finance. We coordinate collectors, transporters and processors to recycle covered electronics, then bill participating member manufacturers for the costs.

Starting January 1st, 2009 covered electronics: TVs, Computer Monitors, Laptops and Computer towers will be recycled.

The plan does not cover printers, scanners, keyboards, mice or other accessories.