Meeting of the Washington
Materials Management and Financing Authority
June 21st, 2007
9AM -3PM,

Marlys Palumbo has kindly reserved her Board room for the June 21st Board meeting in Seattle.
Her office and Board Room at Van Ness Feldman is at 719 Second Avenue, Suite 1150, Seattle 98104.

Draft Agenda

9 AM Pacific Time, Convene – Introductions: Board members, Assistant Attorney General, Guests, Staff

1) Discusion on if ex-officio members have a vote as best can be determined from the presidence of law vs. the intent of the original law drafters.

2) Determination of Validity of previous Board action
(see MMFA PDA.pdf, OpenPublicMthsCD.pdf, and Nels Johnson e-mail…txt)
a) If needed - Election of Officers of the Board (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer);

3) Review and approval of Meeting minutes of 3/16/07 and 4/5/07.

4) Review and Vote on acceptance of By-Laws (see attached)

4) Discuss and Vote on acceptance of loan for operating capital from Dept. of Ecology (see budget bill excerpt);

5) Determine process to hire or reaffirm previous decision to hire outside legal counsel

6) Vote on approval for MMFA Treasurer to open Bank Account, immediately, in which to deposit loan proceeds;

7) Election of Committees (Executive Committee, Finance Committee, etc.);

8) Discussion and process for hiring CEO, CFO, Staff, Accountant, others

9) Vote on sending requests for proposal (RFP) to outside service provides to draft general operating plan and standard plan, see attached Draft RFP.

10) Review Board Timeline, (see attached WMMFA startup timeline)

11) Other Business Items from the floor

12) Adjourn (by approximately 3 PM)